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welcome new people that are starting to follow the journal of this here slave, it’s a pleasure having Y/you all here.  Master Tyler and His slave welcome Y/you. a little bit about this here slave, it is 31 years of age. Master Tyler is 21 years of age, that is a 10-year difference in the age. the slave ran and had a business that it owned until 2013 when its real life younger brother took ownership of the business and this slave. Master Ken was the slave's brother, Master Ken sold the business and the slave to Master Tyler back in May of 2018.  the reason for selling is that Master Ken was married to His wife and had a child and a job came up in california for Master Ken. the slave His Master and some friends have been doing urban exploring also known as urbexing, you go around looking at urban decay and abandoned buildings, it is fairly a cool idea and also exhilarating. the best way of keeping in contact with the slave is on its discord channel which you can find her
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Evans Deviant Dungeon

working in the call centre the next 4 days

after today for thursday-sunday this here slave will be working at the call centre.  after sunday the holiday season begins with two weeks off.  it will be a great two weeks away from working the retail side of things. however, this slave here will be working on the websites hopefully in those two weeks off. few things that will be getting some make overs will be the following! social page- the social page will be part of techguyinshorts, you will be able to actually sign up and be part of the page it will be continuing to have the photos and video page bdsmlr and

new place for the blog

the slave been working on pages, still not completely done yet, however, the one main page is the naughty page and it is up and running for each to view! the one thing that the slave is certainly trying to do is blog more, things have been so busy for this slave and it does want to apologize for the lack of it. it will certainly try to do more, even if it is a video blog or photos.   of course photos one place is to view is the bdsmlr page, just head on over to   video page it does have some great videos that it does have and follow, however, it will post some over here also on the blog, along with photos! that is about all that it can think of at the moment, work is going good, after this week the slave is taking two weeks off of work. like the follows do know a slaves job is never done the thing that the slave is taking off from the work job for two weeks!

9 ingredients for taming your slave, results guaranteed…

1. CHASTITY Lock its genitals in order to restrict access. Make sure it is chaste most of the time, free only in your presence from time to time. This way, its body parts become your property and it is unable to play with itself, which ALL men do. 2. INSPECTIONS This might seem like unnecessary play only but it is not. It sends a strong impulse to its mind about who is in charge and has unlimited freedom. Do it on a regular basis. 3. ROUTINES Routines are very important, any kind of routine. To begin with, decide upon a daily routine with which it will show its respect and humility to you. Make sure there will be no skipping on routines. 4. DISCIPLINE This is a complete must, done on a daily basis. Discipline is the most essential ingredient. It doesn’t need to “deserve it”, it is simply necessary. Find the time and will every day. 5. TEASE, EDGING, DENIAL Having and keeping its balls full will ensure its full attention towards you. It will make it beg and it will m

real slavery

imagine having no real say in anything anymore. imagine not being the key decision-maker in your life and imagine every single minute of every day being told what to wear, where to go, what to do and how with no rules being set in stone so as to comply with the demands of absolute power. imagine having to meet someone’s expectations and standards all the time and being punished/degraded for failing to meet them. independence, self-determination and even ego and fate might become meaningless to such a slave. It would require probably a major life-changing almost permanent ego bypass. it can’t help imagining that this would take its toll over time, which is why so many can’t make the cross-over from freedom into full-time live-in consenting slavery. or as the Bible puts it: “many are called, few are chosen”.Some might find that done daily, this is degrading. out of those, some will thrive on such daily degradation and others might crack under it, not able to cope, being too much, too o


sorry for not journaling for so long, it’s been busy here for the last several weeks, the good news is that it seems to be slowing itself down and maybe and hopefully it will be able to have some time on journaling more. the cold weather has settled itself in, Master Tyler advised the slave that it will not be running for some time due to the fact that the cold weather is being brutal! of course, all the followers of this journal know by now it's updated the page itself. it's taking away the groups here, and we're just going to be having telegram where will be able to communicate with each other. the groups just don't belong here for some reason it's not working the way it should be for this here slave and it has decided on removing it. another thing that it's done is taken way the photos and videos and have ported over to bdsmlr. it's a work in progress and please keep that in mind. one thing that the slave notice, if you have any spaces, or