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new equipment and being a better slave

the last few days the business did a upgrade on it’s computers Master Ken took and made sure with this His slaves hard earn money that He purchased new equipment and services for the business and also a new server that it’s also located at the main business in Madison here.  if none of the readers are familiar here at techguyinshorts it a weekly meeting where all the employees do come in and discuss contracts and deals and if any punishments are needed for this slave.  the slave did some good things this past week on a deal that it struck with a equipment upgrade along with the new server that it’s on. it gave Master Ken the training on dealing with the new services and Master Ken took and led with it, with His slave helping Him. Master Ken is very proud of His slave helping Him lead in the two deals and Master Ken getting all the credit for it.  the final approval from all the employees was that this slave for the week had no punishments to deal with on the business side of things