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slave will be absent for a little while

it been several days of being busy for an potential client for Master Ken,  and the rewards have been paid off for Master Ken. last thursday the client accepted the offer and this slave needed to get the final  push out of the products and bids done to them by monday evening since the  client had to take it to the board of operators at the location of the companies  headquarters. since this is going to take some time, Master Ken wants the slave here to do  some waiting also. so until it hears back from the company and Master Ken  gets the go ahead date on when it will be officially working, the slave is going  to be having sensory deprivation done, it will be blindfolded and have ear plugs that will be inserted and also will be chained up around the neck, the ankles  and the wrist. the only time that it will be able to be on all fours is on going to work with  Master Ken, once it enters into the office of Master Ken's it will be locked  up again until the end