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name changes

back to work monday of course mondays is the day that this slave does not like  what so ever!  the payroll needs to be done and sunday nights is poker nights and most of the time Master Ken and His slave does not get back to His home until close to midnight, so the night is short and the monday is always long! the website got a major overhaul over the weekend! unless your using the smartphone, only ones that is on desktops and laptops can view it, now one other way is by using google chrome on the smartphone and tell the chrome browser to view it like your viewing it like your on a desktop or laptop and then.  the slave does know that it does work it just viewed it and it works fairly good! the website itself is looking really good, you will want to take a look around for yourself and see it! name changes Master Ken and Master Tyler both came to a conclusion over on friday that the slave is going to be only known has slave from now on,


its been thinking what type of a blog that it should be doing for the last day or so and it started to read a blog that its been reading for some time now and thought, you know this would be really good chance to let the followers of this blog know how inspiring it is with some of the people that it follows to let them know so they can start following the blogs that this slave reads.  so here it goes! The Drew Duality the first one is The Drew Duality   this guy has been someone that has followed me for  quite some time,  its been the same for me also on following him. some of the things that really hits me in core is just him being in chastity,  his experience also goes with it, it's someone to look up to.  he also has the experience of working with customers, with people and sometimes we need to keep it a secret instead of letting the whole world know that were kinky and we enjoy it!  overtime of course things have gotten easier for Drew and now

with a Master comes safety

this slave can picture so vividly in its mind someone is waiting for some other misfortune, or one wrong turn or bad luck to become this slaves Master.  some people they think its a game or a fantasy.  waiting in the night, even in the day ready to stalk this slave. it's no secret some do want to ruin it.  and yet it's easy for this slaves brothers to let the guard down.  the defence is trust in its Master, remain humble, however the slave also reminds the importance of a community. think again how often the stalker will prey the one who is alone. -slave chris-  photo of the day "Decide who you're not before you decide who you are." Questlove

tuesday, 24th of april 2018

not much is  going on that needs to be explained,  TechGuyinshorts is slowly fading away and Frostmen Pros Inc is coming on in. Master Tyler has this slave here getting the things taken care of on the transition of the company over to Him.  today the slave got His  ADP numbers and EIN numbers setup for tax purposes and just have been over all a busy day itself. since today been such a busy day it thinks that it will just go ahead and show some photos for the rest of the blog. slave chris "Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can." Ralho Waldo Emerson

sunday morning blog

Update If anyone is having trouble with the telegram link please let the slave know by emailing the slave at  and it will email you the details and links. just wanted to post a blog update for today, yesterday the blog got a overhaul design on laptops and computers that is, the mobile did not get a update has of yet.  that will be coming up hopefully very soon here! today is the day that the slave will be visiting the parents home today, along with Sir Dave and poker night with Master Ken and Sir Brandon. last week it went over to the parents, Master Ken took the blindfold off the slave so it could see the parents for a half hour, after the half hour was up the blindfold went back on and the slave had to kneel on the floor for the whole entire time that it was at the parents house. poker night last weekend at Sir Dave's house was like it always is, fucking the slave along with whipping and stomping on its feet. today over at the parents

its been a...

it has been a week, it really did not know that it was going not have any blogging due to the situation with the New Master, Master Tyler great grandma passing away., it did put some of the things that it wanted to start blogging on hold, the blogging will continue on saturday for the most part with what happened on sunday of last weekend over at the parents house with Master Ken and then poker night also.  new way to communicate with the slave it has a new way for each of the followers to communicate with the slave now,  Master Tyler would like have it communicate with each of the followers also on telegram , it will take the followers to the link and then just make sure that telegram is installed on the device that the followers choose. it really did not think it was going to do a blog today so nothing was written, until Master Ken told the slave that it must do a blog even if the New Master, Master Tyler did a blog earlier today. it will be no punishment for t

blogging is taking some time off

due to the New Master, Master Tyler's Grandma passing away, the blog will be taking most of this week off,  the slave will start blogging once again on friday of this week. the business will be closed on thursday and will re-open  on friday out of respect. slave chris

the household roles

it was a busy thursday and it did not get the chance to get this blog up until now. it was punished for this and fridays blog will be about the situation for not getting the blog up by 3pm. on with the household roles for this slave. the slave has a cleaning list that it must complete so this is the list that it must follow exactly, most of the things is repeated everyday, however if you read down on the list for each day a new thing at the end is what is important, the swing day is on fridays. and of course the other is the punishment if its not done correctly. after a long day at the office with working its then needed to do the household chores before bed time. the slave does the chores naked without no clothing on, Master Ken and Mistress Ashley makes sure that it does all the chores, it's then inspected by Master Ken and Mistress Ashley, if it not done correctly it will be punished. Master Ken will  slap it, stomp on its barefeet, give the slave a spanking, whipp

the roles at work continued

its wednesday afternoon and its another day with the blog. todays blog is continuing on with the roles at work that it has had with Master Ken and the associates. it has mentioned the roles that its responsible for the profits that come in and also the contracts, it also serves in other capacities at the work site on serving others, other associates that some of this slave hired our the ones that is ordering the slave around. how does this slave feel about the situation that some of the associates that this here slave hired is bossing the slave around feel about it? its very degrading, humiliating. for example with Master Jason, when the slave was still in charge of the business and was the owner of the business itself, Master Jason was under the slave, now the roles have changed, and the slave is underneath Him instead. being transferred around to other stores is another thing that can get hard on the slave, Master Ken likes where the slave is blindfolded and unable to see whe

the wind of change

it is tuesday hope all the followers had a great monday. it is another busy day for this slave here, some appointments this morning and then this afternoon or late morning it will be working on the phones with some clients that it needs to get in contact for Master Ken, before the deadline of May 25, 2018. the website in case if some people have not known finally came back online! its actually the blog itself, so hopefully the followers are enjoying it! few other changes also tumblr addresses have changed! the Master and slaves tumblr pages is the following, Master Kens tumblr is , and the slaves tumblr is .  another thing is the emails have change also. Master Ken, Master Tyler  and  Master Jason email address is  and the slaves email is . it think it has covered all the bases on the changes with the website and emails. facebook Master Tyl

its all coming together

860-098-015 , property of Master Eathon the slave has had the chance to digest few days worth of the news and now things seem to be coming into place now. the slave has a few blogs left on doing about the roles that it has had with Master Ken. with the roles at work with Master Ken it will be touching up on some of that once again, and then it will continue on about the roles that it has at home with Master Ken. today is of course sunday and after the 8 mile run that it does this morning, the slave along with Master Ken and Mistress Ashley and His daughter and Sir Brandon will all load up and go over to the parents house.  today for not doing the blogs daily like its been told, it is punishment day ! it will be blindfolded, along with the shirt that must be taken off when it enters into the parents house and will be led over to the couch arm and will be humping the couch arm for the whole time that it is visiting the parents today. for the ones who do communicate to the slave f


all it can say, that the slave here is shocked what just happened yesterday. it was doing it's 7 mile run for Master Ken. Master Ken had His slave doing it's normal 7 mile run like it does everyday. it was 30° outside and Master Ken had it just wearing shorts, no shoes, socks or shirt the normal running wear for the slave from April until December. it came back and it was blindfolded, strap down in the cage in the back and Master Ken said that He had a surprise waiting for it when it got in the office and to read the social profile in Google+ when it opened up Google+ it saw the conversations that He was having with another slave brother of this slave, and saw that the business was sold to a friend of His, Brandon and Tyler. along with the business the slave is also sold. now to clear some confusion here at this time, Brandon a friend of Master Ken is not going to be owning the business, and it will not be partners with Master Tyler. Master Tyler is going to have sole own

the roles

something that Master Ken wanted His slave to discuss about is the duties that its responsible for at the house and work. work work its responsible for payroll, making sure the employees get paid and ontime. it also makes sure the contracts are done correctly for Master Ken. it also makes sure that Master Ken gets the best businesses for the right contracts. when Master took over the business He also wanted to do a business contract where we setup a network for the business along with the computers.   the situation is that business can find cheaper companies, however will you find one that is local like us? more than likely the answer is no! sometimes however a business will want things thrown in the contract which Master does not like, it’s for this slave to make sure that this does not happen. if for some reason it does happen the managers have a weekly meeting from all 4 places at the headquarters and they discuss the p