its all coming together

860-098-015, property of Master Eathon
the slave has had the chance to digest few days worth of the news and now things seem to be coming into place now. the slave has a few blogs left on doing about the roles that it has had with Master Ken. with the roles at work with Master Ken it will be touching up on some of that once again, and then it will continue on about the roles that it has at home with Master Ken.

today is of course sunday and after the 8 mile run that it does this morning, the slave along with Master Ken and Mistress Ashley and His daughter and Sir Brandon will all load up and go over to the parents house.  today for not doing the blogs daily like its been told, it is punishment day! it will be blindfolded, along with the shirt that must be taken off when it enters into the parents house and will be led over to the couch arm and will be humping the couch arm for the whole time that it is visiting the parents today.

for the ones who do communicate to the slave from tumblr, google+ and twitter, just to be advised, that it will be busy and out of service for some time. normally it stays until sometime mid afternoon to late afternoon and then it heads over to Sir Dave's house for sunday night poker night after dropping off Mistress Ashley and His daughter.

yesterday after the 10 mile run that it did it went to the store until noon and then it went home and did some house chores. overall it was a quiet saturday.

monday will be quite another busy day once again with things to get done.hopefully each of its followers will have a good sunday and enjoy the rest of the weekend and it will blog once again for all the followers.

-slave chris-

one more thing before it goes, Master Ken has access to this blog, so just to let everyone know, Master Ken may blog on here, Master Tyler will have access to this blog also and may do the same.

"We are all on a life long journey and the core of its meaning, the terrible demand of its centrality , is forgiving and being forgiven."

Martha Kilpatrick

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