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name changes

back to work monday of course mondays is the day that this slave does not like  what so ever!  the payroll needs to be done and sunday nights is poker nights and most of the time Master Ken and His slave does not get back to His home until close to midnight, so the night is short and the monday is always long!

the website got a major overhaul over the weekend! unless your using the smartphone, only ones that is on desktops and laptops can view it, now one other way is by using google chrome on the smartphone and tell the chrome browser to view it like your viewing it like your on a desktop or laptop and then.  the slave does know that it does work it just viewed it and it works fairly good!

the website itself is looking really good, you will want to take a look around for yourself and see it!

name changes

Master Ken and Master Tyler both came to a conclusion over on friday that the slave is going to be only known has slave from now on, slave chris is being taken off.  now somethings will stay has the user names,  twitter handle name will stay @slavechris89, along with tumblr and google+ will stay has +slavechris.

facebook is not changing, facebook is slowly being phased out, still going to keep the profile however not going to be using facebook that much anymore.

only 25 more days left before  the sale of TechGuyinshorts and of this slave to Master Tyler.

other than that nothing else to talk about for today.  hope each of the followers is having a good day.

-slave chris-

photo of the day

"This is the upside to crashing: madly letting go and giving yourself to someone else. This is the freedom beyond the fear.” 

Rebekah Crane


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after today for thursday-sunday this here slave will be working at the call centre.  after sunday the holiday season begins with two weeks off.  it will be a great two weeks away from working the retail side of things. however, this slave here will be working on the websites hopefully in those two weeks off. few things that will be getting some make overs will be the following! social page- the social page will be part of techguyinshorts, you will be able to actually sign up and be part of the page it will be continuing to have the photos and video page bdsmlr and


welcome new people that are starting to follow the journal of this here slave, it’s a pleasure having Y/you all here.  Master Tyler and His slave welcome Y/you. a little bit about this here slave, it is 31 years of age. Master Tyler is 21 years of age, that is a 10-year difference in the age. the slave ran and had a business that it owned until 2013 when its real life younger brother took ownership of the business and this slave. Master Ken was the slave's brother, Master Ken sold the business and the slave to Master Tyler back in May of 2018.  the reason for selling is that Master Ken was married to His wife and had a child and a job came up in california for Master Ken. the slave His Master and some friends have been doing urban exploring also known as urbexing, you go around looking at urban decay and abandoned buildings, it is fairly a cool idea and also exhilarating. the best way of keeping in contact with the slave is on its discord channel which you can find her