all it can say, that the slave here is shocked what just happened yesterday. it was doing it's 7 mile run for Master Ken. Master Ken had His slave doing it's normal 7 mile run like it does everyday. it was 30° outside and Master Ken had it just wearing shorts, no shoes, socks or shirt the normal running wear for the slave from April until December.

it came back and it was blindfolded, strap down in the cage in the back and Master Ken said that He had a surprise waiting for it when it got in the office and to read the social profile in Google+

when it opened up Google+ it saw the conversations that He was having with another slave brother of this slave, and saw that the business was sold to a friend of His, Brandon and Tyler. along with the business the slave is also sold. now to clear some confusion here at this time, Brandon a friend of Master Ken is not going to be owning the business, and it will not be partners with Master Tyler. Master Tyler is going to have sole ownership of the business itself and of the slave. the only thing that Sir Brandon is assisting with is the sale and the down payment. you have heard before about Sir Brandon, He is a good friend also and helps out with Master Ken a lot on the slave itself.

so this begs some questions that were going around, why is Master Ken selling the slave? and selling the business? will it still be able to see the family and Master Ken after the sale? how does it feel about the situation? of course it says it was shocked. and what will happen after the sale? and what happens in the meantime? if this slave left any questions out please let the slave know.

why is Master Ken selling the slave? and the business

Master Ken is selling the slave because He got a promotion with a social site in the IT department. It's a social site that is used by all of us for the most part everyday, this does require a move and also the sale of the business. He begins the new job on June 1st, 2018. also Master Ken does have a family and a 2 year old daughter, He is thinking about her and the situation that it's not really safe to be doing something like this with family. so He thought it would be good instead of taking the slave with to sell the slave along with the business. it's also included in the contract that the slave would be included in the sale of the business has well.

will it still be able to see the family and Master Ken after the sale?

yes, it will be able to see family and Master Ken after the sale of the business and handed over to Master Tyler. it will see family and maybe less not like the sunday visits that it does now, but for the holidays and events of course it will be able to see them.

also for the most part since Master Ken and Master Tyler does have the same friends for the most part friends will stay about the same.

how does it feel about the situation?

shocked of course, however a slave like itself does not have the rights to feel, it lost all of its right when it handed itself over to Master Ken, even though its shocked, it does not have the rights to feel about the situation or nothing to say about the situation itself.

what happens in the meantime?

in the meantime Master Ken has sole ownership of the slave until noon on the 25th of May 2018. it will still need to follow orders and obey Master Ken until then. they will be a meet up with Master Tyler next weekend, however it will not be no alone time with Him until the 25th of May at noon. it will move in at this time with Him also.

and what will happen after the sale?

for the most part everything will stay the same with the business itself, Master Jason will still be helping Master Tyler out, Sir Mason and Sir Dave will be helping out, Master Tyler is bringing assistant with Him to help out with His new slave here, like who Master Ken has, Sir Brandon, it will be Sir Elliot. however Sir Elliot will not be living with Master Tyler and the slave. the slave will be moving in with Master Tyler on the 25th of May. the sale will be done at noon on the 25th of may 2018. employees of TechGuyinshorts will be staying for now. it might be some adjustment at later dates and when contracts are up for renewals.

one thing that will happen is Master Tyler does not like Facebook, the page of this slave will be deleted at noon on the 25th of may or little after. however the facebook page of TechGuyinshorts will stay, all the rest will be deleted. Master Ken states he will delete His facebook page also. Master Ken personal page will stay on facebook so be friends with Him.

some of the ways to follow Master Tyler and the slave will be on google+, tumblr, twitter and the blog and the the website. the website is you can find all the social platforms at this website.

hopefully its answered some of the questions that was needed. one other thing, Master Tyler requested Master Ken to have the slave do this blog so all of the followers would be rested assured. also another request Master Tyler wanted was the comments sections to be open again on the blog and it's been granted so comment away.

if for some reason the comments get bad, the comments will be turned off again per Master Ken and Master Tyler.

also the other way to get in touch is by email at  

remember all emails are reviewed by Master Ken

-slave chris

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."
Lewis B. Smedes

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