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Update If anyone is having trouble with the telegram link please let the slave know by emailing the slave at and it will email you the details and links.

just wanted to post a blog update for today, yesterday the blog got a overhaul design on laptops and computers that is, the mobile did not get a update has of yet.  that will be coming up hopefully very soon here!

today is the day that the slave will be visiting the parents home today, along with Sir Dave and poker night with Master Ken and Sir Brandon.

last week it went over to the parents, Master Ken took the blindfold off the slave so it could see the parents for a half hour, after the half hour was up the blindfold went back on and the slave had to kneel on the floor for the whole entire time that it was at the parents house.

poker night last weekend at Sir Dave's house was like it always is, fucking the slave along with whipping and stomping on its feet.

today over at the parents house and Sir Dave's house the slave will have the following done to it.

Place clothespins on the slaves nipples, with the shirt off and blindfolded for the whole entire visit.

it will have a detail blog on the situation for all the followers of this blog on monday.

and the slave will try on tuesday once again to start blogging about the spiritual side of slavery that it would like to do if it can.

-slave chris-

Photo of the Day

“It is mental slavery to cling to things that have stopped serving it’s purpose in your life.” 

Chinonye J. Chidolue

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