the roles at work continued

its wednesday afternoon and its another day with the blog. todays blog is continuing on with the roles at work that it has had with Master Ken and the associates.

it has mentioned the roles that its responsible for the profits that come in and also the contracts, it also serves in other capacities at the work site on serving others, other associates that some of this slave hired our the ones that is ordering the slave around.

how does this slave feel about the situation that some of the associates that this here slave hired is bossing the slave around feel about it? its very degrading, humiliating. for example with Master Jason, when the slave was still in charge of the business and was the owner of the business itself, Master Jason was under the slave, now the roles have changed, and the slave is underneath Him instead.

being transferred around to other stores is another thing that can get hard on the slave, Master Ken likes where the slave is blindfolded and unable to see where it is getting transported. the sense of direction has been gone on the slave for a long time. where ever it goes, it is always blindfolded east and west could meet north and south and this slave would not even know it.  

another thing that the slave does is by remembrance of computer software. the followers might be asking what does the slave mean by that? instead of being able to see a computer screen, things have been read off to the slave instead, the slave is blindfolded and will need to remember how the software works. it is given allotted time and then if it goes over that time, it will be punished, if the problem is not solved correctly, the slave will be punished for it. its another way for this slave on making sure it does all the task that is at hand correctly the first time and in a timely matter.

its a lot of stuff that it has covered if it has not covered something for Master Ken on this blog, or if any of the followers have anything else that it may think that it has not covered on this blog, please let Master Ken know at and it will be punished for not including it here on this blog, and it will re-do this blog once again.

photo of the day

the photo of the day comes from  someone that  this here slave just recently followed just today. scroll on over and visit for more public humiliation of this here sub.

"Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger but faces it head-on."
Alice Duer Miller

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