the roles

something that Master Ken wanted His slave to discuss about is the duties
that its responsible for at the house and work.

work its responsible for payroll, making sure the employees get paid and ontime.
it also makes sure the contracts are done correctly for Master Ken.
it also makes sure that Master Ken gets the best businesses for the right contracts.
when Master took over the business He also wanted to do a business contract
where we setup a network for the business along with the computers.  
the situation is that business can find cheaper companies, however will you
find one that is local like us? more than likely the answer is no! sometimes
however a business will want things thrown in the contract which Master
does not like, it’s for this slave to make sure that this does not happen.
if for some reason it does happen the managers have a weekly meeting
from all 4 places at the headquarters and they discuss the punishment
that this slave here gets.

the other side of the business is the customer’s, Master still wanted
to help out customer’s and this certainly has involved over time
because most people don’t come in on computers anymore,
the business does more than just computer repair, we do smartphone
repairs and of course we still do computers. also at times we still do
housecalls, now this slave does not do that many housecalls, but on
occasion it will still do some housecalls with the employees.

its also responsible for the profits, if for some reason were giving more
than receiving, this lies with the slave here also. Master makes sure that
it does bring in profits, however it’s very hard to figure this out,
the punishment for this slave is from light to severe punishment.
the light punishment maybe just licking shoes, the severe punishment
would be whipping, beating, stomping, and many more things possibly done for this slave.

it just touched the subject on work side of things, Master would like to
have this blog continue on thursday with the house side of things.

slave chris

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