the wind of change

it is tuesday hope all the followers had a great monday. it is another busy day for this slave here, some appointments this morning and then this afternoon or late morning it will be working on the phones with some clients that it needs to get in contact for Master Ken, before the deadline of May 25, 2018.

the website

in case if some people have not known finally came back online! its actually the blog itself, so hopefully the followers are enjoying it! few other changes also tumblr addresses have changed! the Master and slaves tumblr pages is the following, Master Kens tumblr is, and the slaves tumblr is  another thing is the emails have change also. Master Ken, Master Tyler  and  Master Jason email address is and the slaves email is

it think it has covered all the bases on the changes with the website and emails.


Master Tyler spoke to the slave yesterday and the plans will be this, the slave will continue on facebook, however Master Tyler is not going to setup a facebook account, Master Tyler would like the slave to limit itself on facebook itself, however Master Tyler decision was to let the slave keep its facebook account! good news for all the followers of this slave.

business name change

TechGuyinshorts will be no longer has of May 25, 2018 at noon. the business name will be changed to Frostmen Pros Inc. this was something that Master Tyler wanted to do because well He will own the business, the capacity of the slave is going to be limited at the business itself, its going to still be in the office, however its going to be caged, locked in restraints and many more things, just few of the changes that Master Tyler will be doing when He takes ownership of the slave and the business.

photo of the day

okay so this is different, the photo is usually up on top, however now it would like to start posting photos from some of the tumblr sites that this slave follows!  the first photo of the day  comes from please visit the tumblr site for more great photos and interest that the followers on this site may have.

this slave thinks it has covered all the things that it was needed to cover for the day, on wednesday it will be posting about the roles once again, little bit more on the work and then it will be posting about the roles that it has at the house.

-slave chris-

"Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were."
Cherie Carter-Scott 

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