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the absent

it been sometime since the last blog, and it can explain, however before it explains about it few other updates for all the followers. the contract the contract has been put up, it not been signed just yet, but it is up for all to view. the followers can view it at the following by clicking here . this friday this friday is the day the sale of the business and the slave takes place. at noon (central time usa) will take place.  the business will be open until noon under TechGuyinShorts, at noon the business will cease and close until june 4th, 2018. during this time the slave will be absent once again for a week on social media and other platforms. while this is taking place it will be updating the business and getting the sites up and running. the absent the slave here been gone for nearly week and half or two weeks, the reason why is because it got real sick, it's not really going to get into the situation about it at this time, the slave will be

the fear

some of the followers have ask this slave how it feels about being sold to another Owner?  this here slave thought it should go much more into detail about the situation on this here blog. the business & the slave back in 2014 when Master Ken took ownership of the business and this here slave, the slave sold the business and the house that the slave owned for $1.00 USD.  when it did this the slave also put in the contract that the slave would be part of the business.  what about the home? the home did not count, only the business. back to the business part of it. if the business would be sold, the slave would be sold along with the business. now mind all the readers of this blog, slavery been abolished, so it's not a actual contract itself, the actual contract itself does not say that the slave would be sold along with the business itself.  what is fact and what is fiction?  the facts is that the business was sold too Master Ken, along with the ho

feeling unsafe

yesterday  the slave was talking to someone that it felt unsafe about and it was something that needed to be addressed. here was the part that started to get the slave fearful: slave,  let me ask You a question do You think if a slave is getting brutally beaten where it leaves scars and marks that can be visible is that okay do you think? John H,  Yea I do if he did something he did something he should not have done Dustin,  And that's where you are 100% wrong the slave gave this person many chances, at one time the slave actually had this person blocked, it was back in late 2014 or early 2015 if memory serves this slave correct. it finally left this person in thinking maybe things have changed,  the guy was new at the time and at that time the slave was fearful about him also.  anyways what really stood out after a while was another part of the chat that it had before with him earlier. John H, Im new with BDSM this actually stood out for this slave because

how to become more passive as a faggot

the followers may get a double blog today, so with that this first blog is something it found on tumblr this morning and wanted to share with all the followers!  enjoy! slave chris You may have heard people preach the benefits of being assertive. While it’s definitely true that you should be able to articulate and defend yourself if you are in any sort of threat or danger, there’s something to be said for being the one who always lets others get their way. You won’t be seen as an angry, shrill, cunt and in fact will increase your potential for making others happy, avoiding conflict, and, most importantly, putting others (particularly Men) before yourself. If you are a passive person, it’s important to surround yourself with people you trust that can defend and stand up for you if necessary. That’s one of the reasons why finding a true Man to be your valiant white knight is so important for a passive faggot. Passivity is not a negative trait- in fact for faggots it’s an aspira