feeling unsafe

yesterday  the slave was talking to someone that it felt unsafe about and it was something that needed to be addressed. here was the part that started to get the slave fearful:

slave, let me ask You a question do You think if a slave is getting brutally beaten where it leaves scars and marks that can be visible is that okay do you think?

John H, Yea I do if he did something he did something he should not have done

Dustin, And that's where you are 100% wrong

the slave gave this person many chances, at one time the slave actually had this person blocked, it was back in late 2014 or early 2015 if memory serves this slave correct. it finally left this person in thinking maybe things have changed,  the guy was new at the time and at that time the slave was fearful about him also. 

anyways what really stood out after a while was another part of the chat that it had before with him earlier.

John H,Im new with BDSM

this actually stood out for this slave because again this guy has been interested in this slave since 2014, maybe even 2013, not quite for sure.  but again he is not that new in it if he was blocked by this slave back then.

the last part that was the tipping point for this slave and feeling very unsafe was a denial, and when someone is in denial about actions that they could take really makes the slave feel very unsafe, and this was the tipping point of the conversation.

John H, Im new with BDSM

slave, [In reply to John H]your not new to this, Garry which you know introduced you to me back in 2014, I had to block you once because I felt like you were stalking me and if this is the case I will do it again.

John H, [In reply to slave]Im not stalking you and how would I be stalking u for

slave, [In reply to John H]online stalking is what I am talking about, if I feel like it happening again I will do it again.

John H, I don't know what u r talking about on line stalking

and that is when he was blocked from ever talking to this  slaves Master and this slave also.

one thing that the slave would like to say is if you're ever feeling like you maybe threaten, feeling unsafe, trust in yourself.  do the right thing,  for luck this person he does not know where we actually live, and furthermore this guy will never find out where we live.

if anyone ever needs to know the person name always feel free to email the slaves Master at master@lifeofslavechris.com  Master Tyler said that He will want to address this situation to protect His slave.

-slave chris-