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the absent

it been sometime since the last blog, and it can explain, however before it explains about it few other updates for all the followers.

the contract

the contract has been put up, it not been signed just yet, but it is up for all to view. the followers can view it at the following by clicking here.

this friday

this friday is the day the sale of the business and the slave takes place. at noon (central time usa) will take place.  the business will be open until noon under TechGuyinShorts, at noon the business will cease and close until june 4th, 2018. during this time the slave will be absent once again for a week on social media and other platforms.

while this is taking place it will be updating the business and getting the sites up and running.

the absent

the slave here been gone for nearly week and half or two weeks, the reason why is because it got real sick, it's not really going to get into the situation about it at this time, the slave will be gone again later in the summer for quite some time, it will let the viewers know when the time this will be. it does not really want go into details on the situation, however hopefully after all this is done the slave will be brand new!

and finally

how many know Connor Maguire?  well Connor was tortured couple years back and here is the video!

slave chris
“A leaf does not resist the breeze. A goose does not resist the urge to fly down south. Is this not happiness? Is this not freedom? To access this incredible state, we need only one thing: Trust. Trust that, when you are not holding yourself together so tightly, you will not fall apart. Trust that it is more important to fulfill your authentic desires than listen to your fears. Trust that your intuition is leading you somewhere. Trust that the flow of life contains you, is bigger than you, and will take care of you - if you let it.”

Vironika Tugaleva

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working in the call centre the next 4 days

after today for thursday-sunday this here slave will be working at the call centre.  after sunday the holiday season begins with two weeks off.  it will be a great two weeks away from working the retail side of things. however, this slave here will be working on the websites hopefully in those two weeks off. few things that will be getting some make overs will be the following! social page- the social page will be part of techguyinshorts, you will be able to actually sign up and be part of the page it will be continuing to have the photos and video page bdsmlr and


welcome new people that are starting to follow the journal of this here slave, it’s a pleasure having Y/you all here.  Master Tyler and His slave welcome Y/you. a little bit about this here slave, it is 31 years of age. Master Tyler is 21 years of age, that is a 10-year difference in the age. the slave ran and had a business that it owned until 2013 when its real life younger brother took ownership of the business and this slave. Master Ken was the slave's brother, Master Ken sold the business and the slave to Master Tyler back in May of 2018.  the reason for selling is that Master Ken was married to His wife and had a child and a job came up in california for Master Ken. the slave His Master and some friends have been doing urban exploring also known as urbexing, you go around looking at urban decay and abandoned buildings, it is fairly a cool idea and also exhilarating. the best way of keeping in contact with the slave is on its discord channel which you can find her