the fear

some of the followers have ask this slave how it feels about being sold to another Owner?  this here slave thought it should go much more into detail about the situation on this here blog.

the business & the slave

back in 2014 when Master Ken took ownership of the business and this here slave, the slave sold the business and the house that the slave owned for $1.00 USD.  when it did this the slave also put in the contract that the slave would be part of the business. 

what about the home?

the home did not count, only the business.

back to the business part of it. if the business would be sold, the slave would be sold along with the business.

now mind all the readers of this blog, slavery been abolished, so it's not a actual contract itself, the actual contract itself does not say that the slave would be sold along with the business itself. 

what is fact and what is fiction? 

the facts is that the business was sold too Master Ken, along with the home for $1.00 USD.

the fiction part is that the slave is not part of the business itself.

the fear

hopefully this will clear some things up, and the kink lives on after Master Ken moves away and the next chapter of this slaves life will begin.

are you scared?

most definitely the slave is scared, this chapter of the slaves life is ending with its real life brother being at the helm and now it's moving away.  it wishes the best for Master Ken and Mistress Ashley and it's little Prince's Ainsley.

the slave has heard in the grapevine and Master Tyler is ringing it true that the slave will be disciplined more often, it will be caned and whip until the perfection of what Master Tyler likes is met for Him.

however being scared, it's looking forward on the next chapter with Master Tyler, Mistress Alex and the dog Camel Joe, or Joe for short.

hopefully this clears some confusion up and sorry for the lack of blogging. it kinda wanted to take a week off here just for people to read the last blog about online stalking and stalking itself.

-slave chris-

Quote of the Day

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now. Not for the person we were in the past.” 
Marie Kondō