budget- unknowns & more

the slave admits it’s been for the last month a budget windfall due to the fact of the move and needing to buy new things and get things taken care of in the last month.

what might need to happen for sometime is a break. Master Garry and Master Tyler both have been looking along with the slave at the budget, and well the business and the home finance have been bleeding quite a bit as of late. hopefully soon this will change and things will continue to improve.

it still a lot of unknowns that is taking place yet, with the spiritual powers beyond us it should all work out hopefully at the end of the day.

starting on tuesday morning the slave will be waking up around 3am in the morning. this is because of a lot of things to be done before it needs to head into the office itself.

for the slave a proper diet is being evaluated for, and for Master Garry and Master Tyler. it seems like with the added stress of life itself the last month we have been all consuming more than we should be.

the website is still getting the face lifts itself, hopefully very soon it will be completed. the basement been getting completed for the dudgeon or playroom is getting completed, hoping that it will be completed in the next month!

that is about all for the journal today. until it does another journal on tuesday. have a great rest of your monday.


I was a slave to my own darkness, believing in my false created, thought-identified identity so much that it forged what felt like a wasteland of a reality.”
Andrew Kendall