its been a while

it’s been a while for this slave on writing a blog, been really busy with the business, having on serving two Master’s now.  the hours have changed, were actually open until 7pm monday to friday and saturday it’s until 1pm now and still closed on sundays yet.

it’s had to also get a website for the company itself, the company website is the following: 

the company itself has not moved, but Master Garry, Master Tyler and this slave has moved into a new home, with that, it’s been staying busy.  the basement where the playroom will be at and eventually the live video sessions will be taking place will be down in the basement. in all honesty the basement not been worked on that much in since the end of june, however this should be changing here very soon! 

the rules have not been updated on for sometime, this should be done hopefully possibly some today and hopefully some more this weekend.

serving two Masters can be difficult at times, one gives the orders, the other one gives the order, however Master Garry’s order supersedes over Master Tyler’s orders. 

well that is about all for now, few other changes will be taking place in the coming days so look out for that, not much accept some pages will be moved around.


The world will never know you because you have not become a slave of your gift.”
Sunday Adelaja