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this morning the slave turned on the computer and saw a message from a Master that it does have contact with online. it wanted to have it thoughts about something that it found on tumblr.   if any of the followers have not read the post, it posted what Master Chris wanted this slave thoughts on about what it read right here ! the first thing that did come in mind was about this slave, and how it sounded just exactly like the slave itself.  the slave works along side Master Tyler during the day, it serves the employees. it does the jobs that none of the employees don't want to do.  and if the business does not meet its expections for the week it get's punished for it also. now with the expections of not wearing women clothing or having a numb of a cock itself, all the rest sound exactly the same like this slave. the slave does wear shorts all year round!  it's exactly like the slave and how much detail just it was like it was reading about itself! and about the ru

From Master Chris

from Master Chris.  Master Chris wants the slave express its feelings about this.  it will leave the post here and ponder about it for this tuesday and will report back on it later today. slave #185-686-508 #ownedbyMasterGarry #ownedbyMasterTyler WHEN THE BOSS FINDS OUT HOW ‘TINY’ YOU REALLY ARE : Two months ago I read how you, [or another Tim], was caught by his Boss in the office restroom. My story is very similar : I try to only use the office men’s room when no one else is in there. However, it was soon after lunch and I really had to go…bad ! There is one stall & one disabled stall in there in addition to two urinals . I was using the small stall, but I didn’t realize that the lock had broken . Our Boss walked in and opened the stall-door & caught me sitting down to take a pee. I have such a small, short little ‘nob’ that I've never been able to stand to pee,[unless I let my pant’s drop down below my knees, but even when I’m home, I've gotten used to sittin


back for this great monday, hopefully all the followers of this journal had a great weekend!  it was a busy weekend for the slave, it did get a lot of stuff done that needed to be completed.  it actually had the chance on getting the playroom worked on.  and also it got the newspage completed! it's a work in progress on so many things for us and it's good to know that this here slave is getting it all completed!  yesterday morning and afternoon the slave went with Master Garry & Master Tyler for a annual event that is served for the polish community.  it actually had fun while it was at the end. a lot of yummy food.  polish sausage on a stick is one of them that it had! since things have been settling down for the meantime the slave is thinking about finally getting back into how it began on being a slave. it will continue on with the story itself on tuesday and for the rest of the week it will do the story itself. it's also going to be opening up a new link sta


a busy weekend it was for the slave, and a busy week ahead is also for the slave. some updates for the ones who follow the slave, the slave has taken down the advertisement of the telegram group chat.  it is just not enough time for the slave to chat, it's going to keep the chat going and if you look at the links, the link for it is for the ones who choose to join.  it will continue to chat in the room, however it will not be like it has since it does not have time to chat.  for it's slave brothers it will continue to chat with you in the chatroom and on all platforms! the other thing that needs to be addressed on this monday is personal messaging the slave, unless it's been granted to personal message the slave on any platforms, it's not allowed. Master Garry and Master Tyler both can take that permission away from the ones who do get approval on chatting with the slave.   how do you get approved on chatting with the slave?  just email either Master Garry at h


another busy week it has been, more money being dished out and the expenses have been going out like water with someone not turning it off. for luck the slave thinks that the bleeding stop and everything will be working out in the long run.    yesterday meeting the slave brought up a conversation once again on maybe expanding the business into canada and north bound. it brought the conversation up about two weeks ago and the employees all said no. it brought the conversation up again and with brining it up the slave is being punished for it. the employees have thought it would be a good idea for it to be whipped, flogged and beaten on friday afternoon in the main lobby. just typing this is getting the slave heart beating faster and its cock to raise at the moment. the internet is working at home now at good speeds, the package that Master Garry purchased was expensive and it did come with a TV and Phone bundle included. it seems like for the last 3 days it had


it’s been quite a busy week here and the slave got today left and then the weekend on being busy at home.  the slave knows that it not done a journal for the last two days, and it is truly sorry for not updating the followers. today the slave works 9am until 7pm and then the weekend the slave got off, however it does not end with being off at the office, the weekend got the slave jammed pack with things on getting done. Master Garry & Master Tyler both would like the slave to get done the websites, the slave has laundry on getting done, also food shopping is on the agenda this weekend. it’s a book sale going on on friday and saturday and the slave would like to buy some books, also the basement is getting completed.  also Master Garry & Master Tyler both want to play with the slave for the weekend sometime. it sure is going to be a busy weekend ahead for the slave. hopefully all the followers will have a great weekend and the slave will update the followers sometime on