it’s been quite a busy week here and the slave got today left and then the weekend on being busy at home.  the slave knows that it not done a journal for the last two days, and it is truly sorry for not updating the followers.

today the slave works 9am until 7pm and then the weekend the slave got off, however it does not end with being off at the office, the weekend got the slave jammed pack with things on getting done. Master Garry & Master Tyler both would like the slave to get done the websites, the slave has laundry on getting done, also food shopping is on the agenda this weekend.

it’s a book sale going on on friday and saturday and the slave would like to buy some books, also the basement is getting completed.  also Master Garry & Master Tyler both want to play with the slave for the weekend sometime.

it sure is going to be a busy weekend ahead for the slave. hopefully all the followers will have a great weekend and the slave will update the followers sometime on saturday.

until then have a great friday and great weekend if all the followers will be gone, and be safe.


“When you live your life seeking the opinion and approval of others, you become a slave in your mind and soul to others. This is the worst form of slavery.”

Bien Sufficient