a busy weekend it was for the slave, and a busy week ahead is also for the slave.

some updates for the ones who follow the slave, the slave has taken down the advertisement of the telegram group chat.  it is just not enough time for the slave to chat, it's going to keep the chat going and if you look at the links, the link for it is for the ones who choose to join.  it will continue to chat in the room, however it will not be like it has since it does not have time to chat. 

for it's slave brothers it will continue to chat with you in the chatroom and on all platforms!

the other thing that needs to be addressed on this monday is personal messaging the slave, unless it's been granted to personal message the slave on any platforms, it's not allowed. Master Garry and Master Tyler both can take that permission away from the ones who do get approval on chatting with the slave.   how do you get approved on chatting with the slave?  just email either Master Garry at headmaster@lifeofslavechris.com  or you can email Master Tyler at master@lifeofslavechris.com

the slave continues on updating the news page, hopefully the slave will have some time this week on getting this completed.

the playroom/dungeon was worked on for a while on sunday afternoon. the lines for the computer and the computer itself been installed, now the cameras need to be hooked up.

if anything it will start going live at least with the server along with the computer itself hopefully next week!

another busy day here on tap for this monday, hopefully all of the followers of this journal will have a great day.


“The stomach is a slave that must accept everything that is given to it, but which avenges wrongs as slyly as does the slave.” 
Émile Souvestre