back for this great monday, hopefully all the followers of this journal had a great weekend!  it was a busy weekend for the slave, it did get a lot of stuff done that needed to be completed.  it actually had the chance on getting the playroom worked on.  and also it got the newspage completed!

it's a work in progress on so many things for us and it's good to know that this here slave is getting it all completed!  yesterday morning and afternoon the slave went with Master Garry & Master Tyler for a annual event that is served for the polish community.  it actually had fun while it was at the end. a lot of yummy food.  polish sausage on a stick is one of them that it had!

since things have been settling down for the meantime the slave is thinking about finally getting back into how it began on being a slave. it will continue on with the story itself on tuesday and for the rest of the week it will do the story itself.

it's also going to be opening up a new link starting on tuesday morning. more details will be following for the ones who follow this online journal!

and also this past weekend it was punished for some things that have happened. it will be writing about this in the coming days also. that actually happen on saturday night for this slave.

that is about it for this slave for today.  hope all the followers of this journal is having a great monday and it will be in touch with all of the followers over the week!

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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust