From Master Chris

from Master Chris.  Master Chris wants the slave express its feelings about this.  it will leave the post here and ponder about it for this tuesday and will report back on it later today.

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WHEN THE BOSS FINDS OUT HOW ‘TINY’ YOU REALLY ARE : Two months ago I read how you, [or another Tim], was caught by his Boss in the office restroom. My story is very similar : I try to only use the office men’s room when no one else is in there. However, it was soon after lunch and I really had to go…bad ! There is one stall & one disabled stall in there in addition to two urinals . I was using the small stall, but I didn’t realize that the lock had broken . Our Boss walked in and opened the stall-door & caught me sitting down to take a pee. I have such a small, short little ‘nob’ that I've never been able to stand to pee,[unless I let my pant’s drop down below my knees, but even when I’m home, I've gotten used to sitting on the toilet and often using some tissue when I stop dripping]. “Ups, sorry ” He said, but made no effort to close the door, “Didn’t realize anyone was in there..Just curious, Billy, you always sit to take a piss?” I was dumbstruck ! Not only didn’t I know what to say, but in the three years I had been working for him, he had always referred to me as ‘Bill’,[or even Mr……],NEVER once had he ever called me 'Billy’ ! “Don’t worry Billy, this will be our little secret” He said with an obvious smirk on his face & almost a whisper when he said 'little’…“I’m sorry Sir” I said, my voice higher than usual, not even realizing that I had called him, 'Sir’ …[In our office we had always been on a 'first name’ basis. He made no effort to leave the open stall door, so I was forced to stand-up in front of him exposing my tiny [under] an inch [clit-sized] pee pee…“My Billy, that is something to see” He said as he walked to the urinal which was right next to the sink..I had to wash my hands before I went back into the office and there right next to me was my Boss pulling-out his Big, Thick dick which looked like it was six or seven inches soft ! He stood far enough away from the urinal that it was obvious that he was proudly 'showing off’ his manly cock..I couldn’t help myself as I took a quick look, before turning away to leave. “That’s O.K. Boy, you can look at it. Beautiful isn’t it. I bet you enjoy seeing a Real Man’s cock for a change, don’t you Billy Boy ?”, Then he laughed and shook the last drops from his big penis. “You can look at it whenever you want. Just make sure you follow me into the men’s room next time”. With that he didn’t even bother to wash his hands, but patted me on my behind as he left the room…After that day, the Boss always made a point of walking past my desk [on the far side of the office] on his way to the restroom & waited in there a few minutes for me to follow him in. This became our ritual two or even three times a day. I’m sure the other guys in the office noticed, but no one said a word [at least at first]. The Boss also started calling me Billy around the office & soon all the other guy’s picked up on it, calling me Billy as well. Next he started having me run his errands, picking-up his lunch, going to pick-up his dry cleaning, etc. After a few weeks He had me making his coffee & even dusting his office [even though there was a night crew to do that]. Once I heard him tell another worker that “Billy does a better job & he enjoys doing it anyway. Just ask him to 'help’ you out , I’m sure he’ll be happy to ” Then when I came a little closer, the Boss whispered something in his ear & as I passed by they both had trouble not laughing. Within days, whatever they had been whispering about was all over the office. Everyone was asking, “Billy, do this for me, Billy do that for me, Billy would you mind doing this or that before or after work ??” Also everyone had noticed long ago that I was the only one who always addressed our Boss as 'Sir’ and several of my co workers said to me “Hey listen Billy, 'Sir’ has a nice ring to it, call me 'Sir’ from now on, O.K., Billy ?”.Soon I was addressing all of the other eight men in the office as sir !! One day while I was out of the office on an errand for one of the men, the Boss called out from his office “Where the fuck is 'Little Billy’?” From that moment forward I was often referred to as LITTLE BILLY. After eight months of this things became more intense, another co-worker, Josh came by my desk and in a loud voice said, “I'v got to take a piss Little Billy, go into the men’s and wait, I’ll be right in. Mine is even bigger than Brad’s [our boss] & I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing it !”..A week after that Josh & Brad walked over to my desk and ordered me to stand-up and drop my pant’s for all our co workers to see what they had been whispering about for months. What could I do…I did as I was told and exposed my tiny one inch little nub for everyone in the office to see. They all hooted, laughed, slapped each other on the back & loudly shouted out words like, Faggot, Fairy, Sissy, Queer, etc……. “O.K. Men, you’ve had your little show, now we have to let our little MISS BILLY get back to work so SHE doesn’t have to stay overtime cleaning up the office..Let's get back to work, MEN !” announced Brad, the Boss. From then on, in addition to calling me 'Little Billy’, if I did anything to displease a fellow worker they would punish me by calling me Miss Billy & when they talked about me among themselves they started always referring to me as 'She’ or 'Her’, even when I was in earshot…They also started following the Boss’s example by taking off their shoes [and on occasion] boots & leaving them on my desk for me to clean & shine..By this time I was practically doing no office work at all, just taking care of the needs of the other men in our office & the Boss seemed fine with this . That is until it was time for our annual end of the year bonus check..All of my coworkers received a nice hefty check, except me ! “ We all chipped-in and got you something special” the Boss announced in front of all the other workers, presenting me with a very large gift wrapped box, “Go ahead and open it Missy”, He said, “We know your gonna love it !” When I opened it, several dozen pairs of fancy expensive looking pairs of [mostly pink] Victoria’s Secret panties spilled out on to my desk !!! “Now you’ll be properly dressed when you admire the Real Men around here, and if no client’s are coming in, Hell even if they are, you can strip-down and wear them around the office. Aren’t you a lucky Bitch to have such thoughtful co workers. Now why don’t you slip-on a pair right now so we can see if their the right size”…What could I do ?.“Can I please change in the restroom, Sir ?” I asked in the high pitched voice I found myself always using now…“Sure, but don’t take all day, faggot. We all want to see, but it’s the holiday’s & some of the Real Men around here have to get home to their wife’s & girlfriend’s” …“Yes Sir, right away Sir”, I answered as the rest of the staff cheered !!! 

RULE #1 : ADMITTING YOU ARE A TOTAL ‘INFERIOR’ TO ALL REAL MEN IS ONLY A FAGGOT’S FIRST STEP [BUT AN IMPORTANT ONE] !!….A Faggot knows in their own mind that they are totally ‘Inferior’ and that all other Men must-be and are their SUPERIOR’S [ this means both ‘Gay’ and ‘Straight’ men]. The Faggot was put on this earth for the soul purpose of worshiping the Penis of any and all Real Men and ‘servicing’ their glorious big and manly Cock’s ! Usually, though not always, the faggot is totally ‘inferior’ in terms of 'penis-size’ as well, having a weak and small pee pee rather than a big and manly penis.. Only when the Faggot totally and freely admits how totally inferior it is, will it truly be able to be the worthless 'Natural Inferior’ that nature always intended it to be!