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guess who is back from a long long drought?  this here slave, sorry for no updates for quite sometime, it was a busy few months with getting things straighten out.  it's proud to say that things seem to be getting better overall!  Master Tyler updated a computer personally for this slave. if any of the followers of this here blog did not see the desktop format, the slave here has a brand new update on the desktop itself! it's quite a interesting photo indeed! what's been going on with the slave? well the slave been busy at work over the summer and also here at home, the playroom/dungeon   is finally done. this weekend the servers are coming up. a beta test is taking place this weekend with the employees of Frostmen Pros Inc. the employees to see if the servers can handle the amount of people. for couple weekends the server will be tested. if any one would like to be a part of the beta test, please feel free to email the slave at