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this is how it happen to this slave here just like how to document shows


this here slave has not done a journal for quite some time and a lot of things have been going on since the last time the slave spoken with all the followers of this journal. first and foremost Master Tyler has opened up a call center, be it that it’s a very small call center this call center helps out people who may need assistance with  trying to get back online, having problems with the computer also.  were now able to help customers over the phone instead of going out to the home. if for some reason if it’s not possible on doing it over the phone this call center can open up the appointment calendar and have someone come out to help them with getting back online. the call center is open 7 days a week 24 hours a day, the staff is busy during the day for the most part, however at times during the evening the call center does hae calls that do come in. this here slave works in the call center, Master Tyler has given the responsibility of the call center to this slave on makin