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christmas break is over

christmas break is over now and back to work it goes! it was a wonderful couple of days off. the page is looking much better! it will try to improve it over the next several days, it still has few adjustments that need to be made, however, the page is looking much better! the webcam sessions are still coming along, it's taking more time than it thought it would, but it will be coming along, hopefully, in the near future! the webcam sessions will, however, be something that will need to be paid for, and it cannot help that! the chat on the page is working and functional and you can use it if you wish! still figuring out how members can post photos so this will be sometime also! it will all be figured out over time and hopefully, it will be coming along real soon! with that being said have a great day and weekend! slave #185-686-508

merry christmas

merry christmas to all the followers of this journal.  it's been a struggle little bit on getting this new place set up, however it's starting to be setup now!  you can see a new thing called slave's tumblr page   and you can view other pages also! it's an exciting time for this page, and hopefully, each of you will enjoy it. believe this slave here, it's not been an easy year, to say the least, however without the challenge of growing and doing what it's being told it would not be here! like it said before, it wants this website to remain free for all. without the payments that the slave receives to keep this website going, it will remain this way. have a great christmas and the daily journaling will certainly try to start happening! slave

christmas time

christmas is only 5 days away and we're all getting excited here at! what is new? yes, a lot of stuff is still changing here on, were more of a social platform than anything else!  been making it easier for people to join if you have facebook you can now join very easy just by joining with us on facebook! or you may still join by registering with us on our website! it's exciting times here at and it hopes you will be part of it! believe it when google+ and tumblr shuttered here recently it was time to take a look at an easier way of keeping porn alive! the goal is keeping it free! hopefully, it can be done!  for the most part, the posting will be of photos and videos, however once in a while, it will have a journal that it will post. and also it's planning on posting some blogs that it does belong to so all the members can head on over to see it in action! please if you do join and become a member, head on over