christmas break is over

christmas break is over now and back to work it goes! it was a wonderful couple of days off.

the page is looking much better! it will try to improve it over the next several days, it still has few adjustments that need to be made, however, the page is looking much better!

the webcam sessions are still coming along, it's taking more time than it thought it would, but it will be coming along, hopefully, in the near future! the webcam sessions will, however, be something that will need to be paid for, and it cannot help that!

the chat on the page is working and functional and you can use it if you wish!

still figuring out how members can post photos so this will be sometime also!

it will all be figured out over time and hopefully, it will be coming along real soon!

with that being said have a great day and weekend!

slave #185-686-508