sorry for not journaling for so long, it’s been busy here for the last several weeks, the good news is that it seems to be slowing itself down and maybe and hopefully it will be able to have some time on journaling more.

the cold weather has settled itself in, Master Tyler advised the slave that it will not be running for some time due to the fact that the cold weather is being brutal!

of course, all the followers of this journal know by now it's updated the page itself. it's taking away the groups here, and we're just going to be having telegram where will be able to communicate with each other. the groups just don't belong here for some reason it's not working the way it should be for this here slave and it has decided on removing it.

another thing that it's done is taken way the photos and videos and have ported over to bdsmlr. it's a work in progress and please keep that in mind. one thing that the slave notice, if you have any spaces, or characters when you sign up, it will automatically not create your page, make sure when you do create your page has it with one full word. after you create the page you then can change the name on whatever you wish. it's a bug that for sure they know about and will work on once they get around for it.

other than that it has the day off today and were headed out for breakfast and then do some grocery shopping for the week!

hope all of the followers on this journal have a great day!

slave #185-686-508