real slavery

imagine having no real say in anything anymore. imagine not being the key decision-maker in your life and imagine every single minute of every day being told what to wear, where to go, what to do and how with no rules being set in stone so as to comply with the demands of absolute power. imagine having to meet someone’s expectations and standards all the time and being punished/degraded for failing to meet them. independence, self-determination and even ego and fate might become meaningless to such a slave. It would require probably a major life-changing almost permanent ego bypass. it can’t help imagining that this would take its toll over time, which is why so many can’t make the cross-over from freedom into full-time live-in consenting slavery. or as the Bible puts it: “many are called, few are chosen”.Some might find that done daily, this is degrading. out of those, some will thrive on such daily degradation and others might crack under it, not able to cope, being too much, too often.
out of those who thrive on it, they may get fulfillment out of the daily degradation and only really find it degrading because they still remember a time when they were their own master and now they’re property.

as always when we talk about an extreme it’s a good idea to temper it somewhat. this here slave’s advice to any slaves who might stumble upon what this here slave just posted here is to go into it only with a Master who cares about His property. the daily grind of being owned property and a full-time slave doesn’t have to be destructive (though it does recognize for some slaves that’s what they want). whichever way, as long as it’s fulfilling, it’s all good.