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9 ingredients for taming your slave, results guaranteed…

1. CHASTITY Lock its genitals in order to restrict access. Make sure it is chaste most of the time, free only in your presence from time to time. This way, its body parts become your property and it is unable to play with itself, which ALL men do. 2. INSPECTIONS This might seem like unnecessary play only but it is not. It sends a strong impulse to its mind about who is in charge and has unlimited freedom. Do it on a regular basis. 3. ROUTINES Routines are very important, any kind of routine. To begin with, decide upon a daily routine with which it will show its respect and humility to you. Make sure there will be no skipping on routines. 4. DISCIPLINE This is a complete must, done on a daily basis. Discipline is the most essential ingredient. It doesn’t need to “deserve it”, it is simply necessary. Find the time and will every day. 5. TEASE, EDGING, DENIAL Having and keeping its balls full will ensure its full attention towards you. It will make it beg and it will m