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Saturday, 26 December 2020



it has been a while for this slave on doing a journal, this past year been a crazy year. of course with the pandemic, the business changing courses. guess it would be a good time for this slave on letting each of the readers know what's been going down.

the pandemic hit each of us hard starting in march, in case if no one knew Master Tyler started a call centre business last year. the computer business and the call centre business both were branched off.  the slave was in control of the call centre for a brief time.  with the pandemic that hit us in march it hit both businesses.  the computer repairs business was shut down but was still operational by calling in only, and then it would be a drop off only. going to customers homes had to stop completely.  the business model changed with it.  in september of this year Master Tyler decided to cease operations with the repair business and focus only on the call centre itself.

the call centre was also affected in march with the shut down, but it was much easier to keep it running.  the business model is focused working from home instead at brick and motor.  when the computer repairs business ceased, Master Tyler went to work at home model instead, and have taken the call centre itself and closed them down also.

so what is the role of the slave at the call centre you ask?  the role is being the slave, doing what ever the management says for the slave to do.  

the slave must do the hard labour that the management does not want to do and must do it correctly  the first time, or it will be punished.

where is the headquarters?  it is fairly easy these days, everything lives in the cloud, can be done in the cloud which makes it much easier on doing the work.  the headquarters is actually in the home, since everything is done in the cloud.  this work at home method is the future for now for companies that do want to have customer service being done with employees instead of the ivr method and online itself. 

being a 24/7 slave to Master Tyler, Master Travis, Master Bryan, yes the slave does have 3 Masters that it must obey, it gets fucked, punished, beaten, used, works for them, and many others in management.  the loaning out part not so much during the pandemic since Master Tyler, Master Travis and Master Bryan and the slave are close together.  the slave lives with Master Tyler and Master Travis.  the slave does see Master Bryan even though Master Bryan does not live in the same household. 

don’t even ask if the slave could be loaned out at this time due to the pandemic

the blog is officially back up and running once again, the website is officially back up and running once again.  the slave been updating the bdsmlr photo site a lot and it will continue.  it will be posting some videos hopefully one a week.  this will begin in the new year for everyone that would like to know when this will begin! 

also the chat is open for anyone to join discord and tumblr  Master Chris is the moderator of  discord and tumblr for the most part.


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“Life is full of alternatives but no choice.”

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