it’s been a while since it’s done a journal, since the christmas time in fact.  

however, if you have noticed on the blog itself some familiar  things have come back to the website!  the photos and video came back, also Master Tyler’s company page came back also, along with the Spiritual page. 

you can still have access to bdsmlr page yet on the photo page yet, and it will put the link like always where you can comment on the page itself.

the slave been busy on doing things that are very important to the business and to Master Tyler.  

in case if anyone is concern, the slave is still serving  Master Travis and Master Bryan yet, Master Tyler and Master Travis still live together.  it’s just Master Tyler is the Master in charge.

it’s been quite busy for the slave with helping Master Tyler run the business, and it’s getting more busy and more work. 

the slave will try and continue with doing blogging when time permits the slave on doing a journal for all on reading.  

 "Whenever I find myself arguing for some thing with great passion, I can be certain I'm not convinced."
Hugh Prather